Established in 1980, TriVar develops and manufactures proprietary solid state power electronic control technology, listed as applicable by UL, CSA, and World Standards Associations.

TriVar Products Include Solid State High-Frequency Electronic Ballasts, 50/ 60Hz Industrial Pure Sine Wave Power Supplies & Inverters, High-Frequency Ground Fault Interrupter Modules, Motor Speed Controls, and Touch Controls for Incandescent Lighting.

High-Frequency Electronic Ballast Lighting Applications include AC/DC Ballasts, Energy Efficient Fluorescent, Refrigeration and Outdoor, Low Temperature, Industrial Process, UV Disinfection & Curing, Germicidal & Photochemical, DC Locomotive, Explosion Proof and Battery Operated Portable Luminaries.


TriVar customers are primarily Original Equipment Manufacturers. Inverters and power supplies are used in industrial, communications, and process control systems. Our products are shipped to export markets worldwide.

Technology & Production

TriVar product development and manufacturing takes place at its Brampton, Ontario, Canada facility. The company maintains an established R&D program. Its technology is patented.

Product Directory

Electronic Ballasts High Frequency Electronic Ballasts for Fluorescent & Specialty Lamps.
Electronic Power Supplies & Inverters Custom designed 50/60Hz Industrial Pure Sine Wave Power Supplies & Inverters.
Ground Fault Interrupter Modules High-Frequency
Solid State Motor Speed Controls For variable speed control of AC Motors.
Touch Controls For incandescent & halogen dimming.
Concert Light A whole new standard of high-quality, cordless illumination.


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